AMA: Helen Rice, Founder / Creative Director at Fuzzco

over 3 years ago from Helen Rice, Creative Director at Fuzzco

  • Helen RiceHelen Rice, over 3 years ago


    • We design in illustrator mainly and will on occasion get into Photoshop. We just did our first project in Sketch which has been a learning curve but we get it. Our project managers use a combination of Trello, Goes to Work, Google Drive & Docs and Slack.
    • We've been offering photography for a couple years now. We see it as a way to approach being fully responsible for a brand. So often we were creating identities and websites that we loved and the photography wasn't quite there. Now we can help with that too.
    • We are loving Pretend Store. Our process is completely organic at this point. We would love to see it grow and become more independent from Fuzzco. Right now we are working on figuring out how to make it financially sustainable without limiting ourselves too much creatively.
    • I can't get over Smoothie the cat - insanely cute. I'm obsessed with cats.
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