AMA: Helen Rice, Founder / Creative Director at Fuzzco

over 3 years ago from Helen Rice, Creative Director at Fuzzco

  • Linsey Peterson, over 3 years ago

    Hey Helen,

    One thing that stands out about Fuzzco to me is that you're always doing really cool work for really awesome companies. I've worked in the digital agency world for a few years now, both for companies that 'attract' the type of clients that love to do the exciting, fun work that inspires us to create and we love to provide, as well as companies with a lot of talent but we tend to get stuck doing a lot of mundane work for clients that really don't get on the same page with us creatively.

    Do you have any advice for young companies learning to position themselves to find the right type of work and clients?

    Thanks so much!

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    • Helen RiceHelen Rice, over 3 years ago

      Great question. When we started we took on anything and everything. I would suggest anyone else starting out to do the same thing. You learn so much in the process. Every project - no matter how mundane - is an opportunity to do something great.

      You aren't going to want to share all of the work you do at first because some of it will not be the type of work you wish you were doing. You want to put the things in your portfolio that you want to do more of.

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