AMA: Helen Rice, Founder / Creative Director at Fuzzco

over 3 years ago from Helen Rice, Creative Director at Fuzzco

  • Mr Kyle MacMr Kyle Mac, over 3 years ago (edited over 3 years ago )

    Office spaces, identity / brand, digital experiences.. to even the flavour of your website copy — I always feel the Fuzzco touch no matter what I eye-ball!

    What's the Fuzzco-method behind designing such a personable, cross functional, level of aesthetic? Can you share any 'red rules/values' you use when approaching each project?

    ps. (Hi Helen!)

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    • Helen RiceHelen Rice, over 3 years ago

      Hi Kyle!


      The Fuzzco-method is based on taking things personally, working really really hard and letting intuition help guide the work.

      • Before the project even starts we ask the question - do we think we can do great work for this client? I really think that is the most important step.
      • We feel personally invested in the projects we take on. We put an incredible amount to work into our projects. We are very efficient and decisive.
      • We value our instincts immensely and we make it a point not to overthink things.
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