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over 6 years ago from Roland Hidvegi, Product Designer

  • Finlay CraigFinlay Craig, over 6 years ago

    Have you considered any changes you'd make from a UX Perspective? I use Skype and Slack daily, and find the UX of Skype to be the biggest gripe I have with it.

    (I really like the visual approach you've taken here. Much cleaner and stream lined, with more character. Nice work.)

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    • Roland Hidvegi, over 6 years ago

      Hey Finlay,

      From Ux perspective I did some changes as well. I eliminated the home section and highlighted more the contacts as a starting point. From the contact you can add or start new conversations like on Slack. All the functions has a better place on the left like start a new group and search as well. So I restructured the actions a bit, maybe in that case it would be more easy to use.

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