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5 years ago from Andrew Coyle, Designer

  • Andrew Coyle, 5 years ago

    This is great feedback Sam. These points are all valid. However, I believe that mental-models are influenced by design. People learn interaction systems regardless of their design merit. I think part of why the current Hacker News site is successful is because the design has become locked-in over time. This has —to some extent— influenced the substance of the interaction. Many websites and apps become successful regardless of design. Things like network effects, compliance, virality, etc. provided a user base, and users adapt to the UI in ways that dictate usage. Changing the fundamentals might not be a good solution in this case, but at least it challenges the status quo and makes for a fun weekend project ;)

    By the way, I love what you guys are doing at FarmLogs. Keep up the good work.

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