Ask DN: "Difficulty Rating" Design Pattern

over 6 years ago from Jason Etcovitch, UI Developer / Full-Stack Designer

  • Eduardo Ramirez HolguinEduardo Ramirez Holguin, over 6 years ago

    Besides what's already been mentioned I'd consider if "difficulty" is the correct metric. What makes the "something" difficult? That could be relevant for your scale.

    Is it difficult for everyone or just beginners? Other similar parameters are: complexity, intensity, familiarity/expertise

    While the colors and illustrations are not great aesthetically, some Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scales do a good job of clearly communicating difficulty when rating physical activities or, as in the example below, pain.

    RPE Scale

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    • Jason EtcovitchJason Etcovitch, over 6 years ago

      I see what you're saying; our decision to call it difficulty was not an easy one. Maybe its not the right word, since these ratings have to do with a timespan (a longer timespan is a 10 vs. a short timespan is a 1). However, having the keyword duration just doesn't say enough about what the rating entails. I know I'm not giving you a lot to go on here.

      Anyways, I do like the RPE example you've shown. I think that something that detailed would work when assigning a level of difficulty, but something simpler would make more sense when just displaying the predetermined level.

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