Corporate Font Piracy In The Global Marketplace(

4 years ago from Michael Young, Creative Director at YouWorkForThem /

  • Dan Amyot, 4 years ago

    I am in 100% agreement with the article, fonts should be properly licensed and paid for. Period.

    Although I do feel like this situation came about because of how confusing font licenses can be. You have to read a long document written in "legalese" which can be very hard to understand. Sometimes I have a seemingly simple question about the license but cant see anything in the license that sounds remotely like my question. Is it ok because it wasn't mentioned? or is it not ok because it wasn't mentioned? Where can I learn about how to read/understand a font license better?

    I know I've seen some vendors try and distill these licenses down to easily understandable points and I greatly appreciate that, it should be more common to avoid these kinds of problems. I'm not saying these complete licenses should go away, but that there should also be a simpler version that's easier to understand for a lay-person.

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    • Peter Nellius, 4 years ago

      I couldn't agree more. Font foundries deserve to get paid for their work, but these licenses are all cryptic. A nice readme file bundled with the font could go a long way with clearing up usage questions. It seems a bit unreasonable that the average user of a font should be expected to have legal expertise when it comes to fair usage.

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