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    I'm not sure at all about Helvetica, as it's a system typeface that comes licensed with my OS. However, if I were on Windows I do think I would still have to buy Helvetica, and with that I would be paying to be able to use it on posters.

    But looking at it from this point of view, by buying a device with OSX Apple grants you all the rights to use the emoji they designed commercially too.

    Then again, in the example you linked the icons are not only used as a typeface, but they are images. PNG icons designed by Apple. Even if you are allowed to use them as a typecase anywhere, they're not using it as a typeface, but as seperate icons. I was wondering about this a few weeks back too when using gemoji. The license for that project isn't really clear either.

    edit: The article you linked them actually clarifies that the Apple Emoji are PNG images embedded into the font. Does that still make it "just a typeface"?

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