• Francesco BelvedereFrancesco Belvedere, 6 years ago

    Definitely anything by Logitech.


    Solid build, super comfortable to use, compact, ergonomic (it just feels like my hand was made to fit the mouse), stylish even — they have some versions that have fun graphics. SUPER affordable. I have been using the M525 mouse for like 4 years. Love this way better than any Apple mouse. It uses a USB sync and the batteries last forever. I actually use rechargeable AAs in mine. Maybe I have to change them 2x a year, seriously!

    But it is just the most comfortable mouse to use and I have used them all. It has two clicks a left and right and a scroll wheel. So what if it doesnt have all the touch gestures — I have a separate Apple trackpad if I want gestures. I sometimes use them both at the same time, since the trackpad is a Bluetooth connection and the mouse a USB sync they dont interfere.

    I mostly do UI and visual design and felt the Apple mouse with all of its gestures and scrolling felt just fragile to use. When I want to draw I use the trackpad or my Wacom tablet but when I need precise and responsive mouse work i am using my Logitech.

    Hope that helps.

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