What is up with Eli Schiff?(twitter.com)

over 4 years ago from Vikalp Gupta, Designer from India

  • Daniel De LaneyDaniel De Laney, over 4 years ago

    Cap's comment said nothing about “conflicting judgements”. It did, however, mention “mean-spirited and purposefully incorrect analysis”. The fact that you misrepresented his his argument so spectacularly—again—is interesting.

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    • Eli SchiffEli Schiff, over 4 years ago

      He used the word "incendiary" twice, which means something that causes controversy and is contentious–in effect, something that involves conflict and disagreement over judgment.

      If you don't know the meaning of words, you might want to use a thesaurus. You're the one here again spectacularly misrepresenting what I've done, which is quite interesting.

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