What is up with Eli Schiff?(twitter.com)

4 years ago from Vikalp Gupta, Designer from India

  • Andrew Johnson, 4 years ago

    Dissent and insult are different things. Thinking differently from another person and expressing those thoughts is dissent. Expressing that the other is incorrect for not meeting your personal view, is insult.

    He doesn't have to "be nice," but perhaps treating the designers he "critiques," like the humans that they are, he would have better luck getting his point across.

    If getting his point across isn't his goal, then I challenge the idea that he's a critic. The only other goal he could be achieving is making himself look like a member of a long-lost design style who is angry that he's lost the plot.

    I don't think that is the case, but I wouldn't be surprised if many did.

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