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    I fully disagree. The use of "I" vs "we" is often a sign of mirrored importance. Someone using "we" a lot is likely the most important person in the room, and vice versa. Plenty of research on the matter of pronouns that back this up. If someone uses "we" a lot we hire them immediately.

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      Absolutely good point. Think the difference is the tone in which they are using those words and in what respect. It also depends on what you are asking them. I/we can be positive OR negative things to say depending on the context.

      As a whole, "we" is very rarely a negative thing.

      In my example, my questions were constantly steered towards what his specific contributions were on a large project. We had already gotten past the part where we knew he was a solid team player, but then it was more about what elements was he passionate about, what choices did he drive/execute/etc.

      When you get to the point where you're asking him/her "what did YOU do then?" or "what other thoughts did YOU have early in the process"... but the responses are always "WE"... you wonder if they are overstating their role in the project. It's great that a collective group delivered a great product. I still want to know what parts you built, what parts you loved to do and what parts you would love to try and focus on in the future.

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