• John Jackson, 4 years ago

    There are a few things that I look for in a designer's portfolio.

    • Attention to detail in high fidelity mock-ups. If you feel that a specific piece is good enough to be present on your portfolio, take the time to make sure that it's pixel-perfect. The elements of your design should be consistent; if you have 12 different versions of an input box in your mock-up, I'm going to assume that 1) you don't know the importance of consistency with such things or 2) you didn't pay enough attention to notice it. Neither of which are favorable. Make sure that your colors, padding/margins, borders, etc. are clean and consistent.

    • Tell me why and how you reached a design decision. You don't have to get granular; I don't need to know your thought process behind every little thing that you do, because some things are just "it's a good design practice." Tell me why you made the big decisions, such as your flow for on-boarding new users. Also, let me know how you reached the decision; did you spend time sketching out various versions? Did you whiteboard it?

    • You have to use Sketch. OK, I'm kidding. But really...no Photoshop fanboys/girls allowed.

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