Why the Comment Section on Dribbble Sucks

over 5 years ago from Jonas Goth, Creative at Noak

  • Oscar WaczynskiOscar Waczynski, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    I talked to Dan, the founder of Dribbble, at a meet up a few years ago in DC...

    I said to him that I wanted to be on Dribbble so that I would become a better designer. Once I got on it, I didn't get any critiques and my designs only got better with my own experimentation.

    I thought maybe having the ability to add write a "for their eyes only" comment with markdown such as a hashtag would be something I would love to use. No one wants to openly bash a design, but I think if we had the ability to do something like...

    #feedback Your line height and margin could use some work, and I'm not sure about that font type for legibility reasons.

    Only the owner of the shot seeing that sentence... Who knows, maybe that would do the trick. It would also be easy to implement and iterate on.

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