Ask DN: Where Do You Keep Your UI Experiments?

over 5 years ago from Jeff Heaton, UX Designer at Gather Technologies

  • Eren Emre .Eren Emre ., over 5 years ago

    For us, there is a master file (e.g. Core.sketch) and multiple files for experimentations.

    So, whenever we work on a new feature for our product, we create a new file for the feature (e.g. Search-v0001.sketch). The version number increases as we make changes & iterate (e.g. Search-v1019.sketch).

    As soon as we are happy with the feature, we add it to the master file. This way we know where the final version is and can keep an archive of how we got there.

    PS. All files are kept in Dropbox. Master file is also kept on GitHub, so no one can ruin someone else's changes.

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