Why the Comment Section on Dribbble Sucks

over 5 years ago from Jonas Goth, Creative at Noak

  • Arix KingArix King, over 5 years ago

    Like disabling links in comments.

    As for saturation, I think that:

    • This wouldn't necessarily be a platform where you follow people, because seeing "cool" stuff isn't the point. The goal is to get and give feedback.

    • Getting noticed (i.e., critiqued) could be challenging, but—being that it's not a follow-based system, you could just curate un-critiqued works for each user to look at and provide feedback on.

    Additionally, to help with saturation, I would propose a point system so that you have to critique X times to have your work show up on the to-be-critiqued feed. And—of course—an invite system would be necessary to ensure critique quality.

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