Why the Comment Section on Dribbble Sucks

5 years ago from Jonas Goth, Creative at Noak

  • James Young, 5 years ago


    One spammer on a post 3 months ago and a whole commenting framework sucks.

    I've always found Dribbble to be something with 2 layers - the vacuous, self initiated UI redesigns of stuff that will never go live and then the actual shots of real work in progress.

    You get out what you put in though. On the occasions I've wanted constructive feedback I've made an effort to post a full shot with context of what it's about, what I'm trying to achieve and what sort of feedback I'd like and had some really great help from comments.

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    • Jonas Goth, 5 years ago

      Agree, but again it's just an example.

      Looking at the other comments on exact same post, i would argue the intention is pretty much the same.

      My thesis here is that these comments do nothing for the one posting. It's not contributing or constructive in any way. It's just spam.

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