• Reece ButlerReece Butler, 5 years ago

    This is really cool.

    I was playing around with an idea similar to this. I've often thought that this is an area that is just begging for better tools and resources to be built.

    Given how toxic the whole political process has become in the last few years, its nice to see something that distills it all down to simple points and removes a lot of the emotion floating around some of these issues. Since I just don't have the dev chops at the moment to pull it off, I'm glad someone is having a go at it.

    Forgive me if this is unwelcome feedback, but there are a few things I think you could include that would really make this an even more useful resource for people. Especially since most people wouldn't know the first place to look for election info other than the vox pops on the news.

    • I could be missing it, but it would be nice to be able to filter/select by electorate or state and provide the direct contact info for that MP and office.

    • Possibly allow some way to filter or compare by policy, so you can at a glance see which MP and Senators are for or against a particular piece of policy, and even possibly compare two MPs head-to-head.

    • The colour coding for each MP and their party/affiliation is a little hard to pick at first glance, so perhaps give that a bit more emphasis?

    • It would also be nice to see how long the MP has been their seat for.

    • I'm guessing this would take a fair bit more work, and would probably be going a bit beyond the scope of what you're building but it would also be nice to see others who are contesting a seat and where they stand on the issues.

    • Closing the popup is a bit unintuitive. Using ESC is fine, but maybe add a close button and making it so that clicking elsewhere closes the box.

    • The pop up is also a bit too small on large monitors.

    Anyway, again, you've done a really great job.

    I'm going to make sure I pass this around. Maybe it can go some way to stopping some of the bile that is being thrown about.

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    • Brett SnaideroBrett Snaidero, 5 years ago

      Thanks! That feedback is great, I'm still working away at the site, so definitely looking to improve what's there and build up the features. We just went 'live' on the weekend, so there's definitely still a few rough edges I'm keen to fix (like the popup closing thing haha), but figured it'd be good to get some eyes on it in the lead up to the election in July.

      Actually the current feature I'm about to start work on is electorate/state maps which provide another interface for searching for politicians. Definitely agree that filtering by electorate/state would be a useful addition.

      The ability to compare politicians/policies is actually something I've heard a few people say they would like, I might need to start thinking of how I might be able to implement that.

      Thanks for spreading the word, hopefully the site is a little bit useful :)

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