• Eric KarjaluotoEric Karjaluoto, 5 years ago

    Thanks Karl—I love hearing feedback like that!

    I’m happy to chat with you. You can book me here: https://officehours.io/people/karj

    That said, I mostly work on design/UX tasks.

    If you want to talk more about development, you should speak with my business partner, Eric Shelkie. You can find him here: https://officehours.io/people/shelkie

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    • Karl WeberKarl Weber, 5 years ago

      I just finished my first Office Hours! Someone booked my time and it was great. This is such a great idea.

      I also booked your time and Eric's time, I'm really excited to connect with you two. Office hours is great.

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      • Eric KarjaluotoEric Karjaluoto, 5 years ago

        Nice—glad to hear the session went well!

        I look forward to speaking with you, later in the week!

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