• Karl WeberKarl Weber, 5 years ago

    So many great ideas here! I'm working on too many side projects.

    SwiftBits, Which is a Video Course that teaches the basics of Swift to complete beginners. It's different because it doesn't assume prior programming knowledge, you can take the whole course just from the lesson notes if you want, and you get mentorship and feedback from the course teacher: me. This is launching in a couple of days.

    DesignRocket, which is a code name for a change in my freelancing where I work for a reduced rate or for free for Independent Artists and Designers. I want to work on really cool stuff, especially the creative kind of stuff that either impacts the world in a positive way, or is super artistic and silly. I'm also launching a podcast this week related to this.

    I'm also working on refurbishing and improving Cheddar, which I recently bought, and Pendium, joint invoices for collaborating Freelancers, which enters beta this summer. I'm working on most of this stuff with my Designer Friend Daniel Mui, Who's a Gun of a designer.

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