Ask DN: What side projects are you working on?

almost 5 years ago from Andy Leverenz, Product Designer

  • Arix KingArix King, almost 5 years ago

    Being a recent college graduate without an agency job yet, I've been keeping myself busy with a lot of freelance and side projects. Currently, I'm working on...

    • A Snapchat filter marketing service right now. I'm currently building the marketing site for it and organizing some college friends to help me design filters while I focus on lead generation.

    • A simple tower defense game, because college friend wants to experiment with game design—so why not?

    That said, I'm always looking for things to work on if anybody needs any help/feedback! Excited to see what everyone else is up to.

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    • Kieran RheaumeKieran Rheaume, almost 5 years ago

      Your snap filter service intrigues me! I recently designed/published a geofilter for the Vancouver DN Meetup, and the process was pretty painless. What services will it offer?

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      • Arix KingArix King, almost 5 years ago

        Thanks, Kieran! The goal is to act similar to how conventional marketing agencies do, but focus in the niche of Snapchat/millennial interests. Right now, we are just going to start with geofilters but hope to scale up to actually make the video ads that big companies like Coca-Cola and such have done. There's several people out there doing custom filters for consumers, but our target market will be small businesses, festivals, clubs, etc. or really any business that doesn't have the in-house team to do this sort of thing themselves. And—of course—five star service and top-notch customer care will be included!

        Our domain will be, but I need to finish and publish it today! I'll link it here when it's up!

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