Show DN: 3 Years of Unsplash(

4 years ago from Luke Chesser, Co-founder Crew & Unsplash

  • Luke Chesser, 4 years ago

    Hey DN :)

    Three years ago we took 10 photos and gave them away on a hastily made Tumblr blog. And while there have been a few changes along the way, that same site is now one of the largest photography communities in the world with over 8.5 billion photos viewed.

    We may have started it, but Unsplash has only become what it has because of you.

    Today, we wanted to celebrate everything we’ve done together these past few years—from creating the world’s first crowdsourced, open book, to the more than 80,000 photos on Unsplash submitted from around the globe, to the millions of amazing remixes created by the amazing community.

    Check out our special 3-year anniversary site to see all of the amazing things you’ve helped create. And from all of us at Crew, we want to offer a deep, heartfelt thank you for taking a few photos on a blog and turning it into such a supportive, creative, and inspiring community.

    Here’s to many more years together :)

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