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6 years ago from Tristan L'Abbé, Product Designer

  • Tristan L'AbbéTristan L'Abbé, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

    Hey DN! Missive designer here! We just launched the latest version that merges both email and chat threads in a single interface.

    Mixing both leads to a better asynchronous workflow and makes it a lot easier to manage all sorts of work-related tasks.

    I use it for general team chat, scoped conversations (ex: “New homepage design” with inspiration and ideas), personal notes and reminders and of course to manage work emails with our team (support requests, everyday management, etc).

    You can try it free with your team: Download the OSX app or Signup online

    Fun fact: here's a before/after screenshot of the first ever mockup in early 2014 and the actual state (god that first one was bad):Fullview

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