AMA: Karri Saarinen, Designer - Creating Design Systems at Airbnb

almost 7 years ago from Karri Saarinen, Design System Lead at Airbnb

  • Bertrand Bruandet, almost 7 years ago

    Hi Karri,

    Great to see you here! I'm wondering why did you shut Kippt? Because of the growth / revenue or for any other reason? Was that an hard decision to completely kill it after all this work?

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    • Karri SaarinenKarri Saarinen, almost 7 years ago

      Hi Bertrand!

      I’ve been often thinking about writing about what happened with Kippt. People often still also contact me about it, when they are building something similar, which seems that this is an unsolved problem!

      You’re right on the main cause. Like any other startup and company, we relied on growth and revenue, and just could find a way to hit the goals we had set. We had a great community, with lot of people actively using it, but didn’t achieve the scale we hoped to create. Basically run out of time.

      Lessons learned in there, lead us to start considering Inc, basically a Kippt for companies, since we knew many teams and companies were already using Kippt. We decided go different route, developing the product with few companies, only focusing on our paying customers. That actually worked better than we hoped and we got great customers that way. Afterwards, we still decided to move on and got acquired by Coinbase.

      Shutting down Kippt was definitely hard, but after Inc, and now with our new jobs, we just didn't have the time or energy to keep Kippt running in good shape. Rather than letting it limb along, we decided to end that chapter and hope someone could pick up where we left.

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