• Nathan HueningNathan Huening, 5 years ago

    Except, another "webdesignshare" spam post is again on the front page. How about banning any links that use redirect? I suspect that's how they're getting around the blacklist.

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    • Account deleted 5 years ago

      Yeah, they are trying everything in the book. It's pretty amazing how determined they are for whatever reason to still post here. I'm guessing at this point it's some kind of angry-pride thing. Heh!

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    • Thompson GeorgeThompson George, 5 years ago

      What if a site redirects from http:// to http://www.

      Your solution will do more harm than good.

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      • Alec LomasAlec Lomas, 5 years ago

        There are tools that can be used to find what's on the other side of a redirect. Alternatively, the DN team could blacklist bit.ly et al, but I suspect that will cause unforeseen issues as well.

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        • Jody HeavenerJody Heavener, almost 5 years ago

          Hey Alec! We have actually blacklisted bit.ly, among many others. However, whoever is posting this is finding new URL shorteners every day. We are definitely working on something to determine what's on the other side of a URL :)

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          • Dominik SchmidtDominik Schmidt, almost 5 years ago

            I just made a post to check (at least for now for a Moved permanently redirect) which page is behind the redirect. Also with some async queue any other redirect can also be sniffed.

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    • Jody Heavener, 5 years ago


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