Hivy, Easily manage your office(

over 4 years ago from Benjamin Guedj

  • Didier ForestDidier Forest, over 4 years ago

    Hello there! Thanks Benjamin for sharing. We are really excited to release Hivy and for what's coming next. The team has been doing an amazing job in the last few months to bring this new version to life.

    @Pierre: yes Front and Hivy are from eFounders studio. But let me clarify here: Front is an independent company and we don't have access to there release roadmap. It just happen to be pure luck on the launches dates. I don't share my own work here, but I had to share theirs.

    @Nicholas: Thanks for your feedback, we'll work on that ;)

    @Laura: iPad & iPhone apps for the employees to make their requests, analytics to anticipate the needs of your office, export to make your procurement easier, different user rights on the requests, all your purchase in one app. The Trello side you're talking about is just the board for the office managers to organize the needs.

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