• Manny Larios, 7 years ago

    Yeah. I miss being able to edit a symbol within it's context. I'm also not a fan of not being able to swap an element with a symbol from the Inspector ( yes: I know you can do that if it's currently a symbol, but I wan't to be able to swap any layer to a symbol if I choose to do so). I don't like having to place a symbol and have this hovering, transparent symbol for me to 'drop' somewhere on an art board. Sketch: can we have the option to at least select the layer from the layer's palette, insert the symbol, and have Sketch be smart enough to known that you mean to replace that layer that was selected with the symbol your placing? I love Sketch! I really do. But I believe that Symbols worked but the way it was before. Maybe we can meet in the middle? :)

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