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4 years ago from David Barker

  • David BarkerDavid Barker, 4 years ago (edited 4 years ago )

    One of the reasons I stopped using Dropbox as much as I used to (and stopped paying for it) — the 256GB drive on my MBP gets full quickly. Being able to store everything in the cloud and just grab it as needed might sway me back to paying for Dropbox.

    Edit: Providing they allow it for personal accounts.

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    • James LaneJames Lane, 4 years ago

      Surely 'pro' accounts too ;)

      I only upgraded mine to get more space, that's it... However, this new feature is awesome and agreed they should roll it out to everyone, but I could see it being a 'paid' account feature.

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 4 years ago

      To be fair they have had selective syncing for some time, but it does have the limitation of needing to use the browser to see all your files.

      What did you switch to instead?

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      • David BarkerDavid Barker, 4 years ago

        I was using Dropbox as my "Documents" folder, so I'd get backups and version history for everything for "free". Until something went wrong and it overwrote a lot of my work with old versions.

        I never really used the syncing part of Dropbox, so it didn't make sense to keep paying for it. These days I just make sure I have a good backup solution (Time Machine plus Backblaze).

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