Adobe XD April release is out (Public Preview 2)

over 6 years ago from Demian Borba, Product Manager for Adobe XD

  • Philip AmourPhilip Amour, over 6 years ago

    Shame there's a huge barrier to entry - CC account and CC bloatware. Not to mention fail with the name (experience design - really? You can't solve your user's problems by linking a couple of screenshots and making them unpleasantly interactive. What about the other more important elements of user experience design?

    Other than that I am happy to see that even ancient companies, that don't normally innovate or try to keep up with the market and technology because they are too big and drag around a lot of design and tech debt, can see that there is a niche market of designers that are craving for a better prototyping and design tool.

    What surprises me even more is that you take new approaches to tackle these challenges; however, sadly you're tied by the Adobe constraints 'we must use these ancient frameworks so it's cross platform, we don't care about OS X design patterns, customers need to have Adobe Creative Account, it needs to come with a bloatware CC app and installs just like Windows apps' which essentially makes the product less approachable to potential customers as well as much worse experience for people who are willing to try it.

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    • Jrtorrents Dorman , over 6 years ago

      I just tried to install it but I first had to update Creative cloud. Yuck !

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    • Siddharth GuptaSiddharth Gupta, over 6 years ago

      The gating behind Creative Cloud is especially painful for enterprise users. I'm usually allowed to install any evaluation software on my work mac, but I can't install XD because of the way enterprise CC works.

      Please just give us a direct download, at least for testing.

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