• Daniel HaimDaniel Haim, 5 years ago

    Excellent question you bring up Lucas.

    These past few years we've experienced a revolution where the corporate companies are no longer in control, and there are plenty of opportunities for start-ups to make their moves within, but they often lack real business direction, and they lose, close.

    For example,: I've been a huge fan of Simple Banking (simple.com). I am sure it is not a viable concern; however, I would not sign up due to security concerns.

    I've come across products/services that are built by the same designers (and or developers) from within our community (and they often require account sign-ups), and I've noticed that plenty of these services often lack real Terms & Privacy. Having worked in the hosting industry, I now wonder whether those products/services are only sitting on someone's personal dedicated server, which any seasonal hacker could access and steal my information.

    Other cases include seeing e-commerce sites that are using WordPress, which I believe is a huge security risk. Moreover, don't try to convince me otherwise, I will not listen.

    In other cases I've seen services shut down due to lack of business direction and rather than Open Source the service, it just vanishes along with months, or years of collection. This happened to me with a messaging software we used within our creative team at work (prior to HipChat/Slack, etc). The company got bought out and everything we archived got lost.

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