• Jay Tyagi, almost 7 years ago

    As I said in another comment, it's mostly about the community, not the particular OS.

    UI/UX happens to happen mostly on OS X environment (Sketch, Flinto, Framer Studio, Principle, XD Beta), so you'd be much better on a Mac.

    Now you can work UI/UX on Windows (in fact people do and I did for almost 2 years), but then you are going opposite the currents. You are thinking more about the workarounds to get stuff done instead of focusing on making better stuff.

    So, a UI/UXer getting a Mac would be less of fanboyism and more of a pragmatic decision. And if your company doesn't support Macs, then convince them. Make them understand. They wanna make money, you are there to help them make money. But you can't work without your tools can you?

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