• Brad FrostBrad Frost, over 6 years ago

    Hey Rachel! Thanks so much for all you do. And holy smokes do you do a lot. Besides being fit and eating well (I'll have to try these things one day), what are other productivity tips you swear by? Again, I'm so impressed by how much quality stuff you output!

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    • Rachel AndrewRachel Andrew, over 6 years ago

      It mostly comes down to being willing to sit down and just do the stuff. My main talent has always been showing up and working hard, however it has generally been the case that this approach has served me well, even when other people are far more talented than I am at the actual work itself.

      I try and mix up my days, there are always tasks I like doing and those I don't. So even if I have to work a long day I try not to make it all about some task I hate, and instead spend a chunk of the day dealing with the boring thing and look forward to doing something I enjoy.

      I have a context in OmniFocus for tasks to do when my brain has stopped working. If everything I try and do isn't working due to brain fog, I switch to that stuff.

      I do think that we make time for things we believe to be important and if I am procrastinating something, if it constantly gets pushed back in my list, at some point I take a good look at it and see if it really is an important thing to do.

      I make use of odd bits of time - again by having all the things I need to do in OmniFocus. So if I'm waiting for someone to call, or I'm sat at the airport, or I've got 30 minutes before I need to head out to a meeting, I'll be doing something.

      I also make sure that I'm set up for all my different projects, and I do that by using Virtual Machines with Vagrant. So whenever I need to switch to something different I just vagrant up that VM and can work on it, those environments are also in Git so I can grab them on my laptop when I'm on the road.

      So that's a bit of a brain dump! Productivity is very personal I think, and I'm certainly wired up to be able to multi-task, I like being busy, and am also one of those fortunate people who genuinely doesn't need a lot of sleep.

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