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over 5 years ago from Andrew Lucas, Product Design Manager at Facebook

  • Jorge Hernandez Jorge Hernandez , over 5 years ago

    You took it that way? A glorified circle-jerk? I took it as highlighting some of the unknown folks that work endless hours behind the scene. get to know the unknowns. Its just a nice picture with a basic bio. They're not over glorifying them or making "rockstar" status claim... right? Did I miss something?

    Im feelin your anger, Im a big fan of hating things too... but Im kinda thinking its miss placed a bit here. eh just my read.

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    • Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, over 5 years ago

      I'm not sure John Maeda and Om Malik are exactly unknown. I didn't see many people over 50 either.

      The first thing I thought looking at the site was this could be a parody. I'm glad it isn't and I'm glad something like this exists, but I'm personally not feeling it.

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      • Jessa ClarkJessa Clark, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

        In what way does it appear to be a parody? Came off as incredibly sincere to me.

        Being 'known' and being part of an underrepresented minority in the industry are not mutually exclusive characteristics.

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        • Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, over 5 years ago

          Because when I hear the word "techies" I immediately think of predominantly white people in their 20s and early 30s with unusual personal style, titles like"Widgeteer" or "Revenue Program Manager". The photos of the subjects often staring into the distance at a promised utopian future also doesn't scream "serious" to me.

          If I look around my office in the heart of the Midwest US I see about 20% Indian faces. There's about 20% women too, nearly all in their 40s (likely because of local women-in-STEM efforts here in the '80s and '90s).

          Mousing over the images gave no indication what lay behind, it could have just been a larger image. The above the fold info didn't really seem all that different from a social media profile intro.

          I had to read the "about" page as the site's purpose isn't readily apparent.

          I see more diversity at or Granted, that's likely because the photos at the OP are likely done by a professional and look similar.

          I'm happy this exists (as previously stated); it didn't really grab me as a serious effort without having to put in effort to go into a profile and scroll well below the fold. Maybe being exposed to uifaces or randomuser and the proximity to April 1 (and the first link I clicked having an April 1 interview date) colored my thinking.

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          • Jessa ClarkJessa Clark, over 5 years ago

            Doesn't that kind of speak for the need of a project like this, if you see a page of female/minority faces and automatically assume it's a prank?

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