Lingoapp: Organize, share and use all your visual assets in one place(

over 7 years ago from Sander Visser, Designer & Front-End Developer

  • Martin BetzMartin Betz, over 7 years ago

    I tried Lingo and here is my quick review. Please note that I just use it alone, not with my team:


    • one symbol per asset, but multiple file types (png, svg, jpg)
    • nice info and tagging
    • you can easily move assets between groups


    • All assets in the app's archive, this locks you into the app as you cannot export your collections or browse them otherwise
    • Mandatory online sync - As a single user who syncs his devices and hence assets with ChronoSync, I see only disadvantages to the app's requirement to log onto Lingoapp online: I share my library with a company and I have no clue what they will do with it

    If you are like me and prefer simple and no-lock-in solutions, Lingo might not be the best choice. For me, the 5 bucks for iSmartPhoto were really worth it as it helps you manage your folder-based assets in a non-obstrusive way - and also has tags and a decent search functionality.

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