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over 7 years ago from Sander Visser, Designer & Front-End Developer

  • Philip WeberPhilip Weber, over 7 years ago

    Another problem that the design community faces is our discourse. Comments are generally extremely supportive and complementary. I clicked on the first thing I found on Dribbble and these were the comments: "wow", "awesome", "very nice". It's nice to want to send positive thoughts to people whose work you enjoy, but we lack much substantive discussions.

    Look at the average Hacker news discussion and you see much deeper analysis. You also see a lot more comments that come off rude or cold.

    Designers are empathetic people, so constructive criticism can be hard to give because we imagine the pain it could cause. I'd personally. prefer to see designers get tougher skins and have much more in depth conversations in online meeting places.

    If designers could build there own OS tools, it would be a very different landscape. However, they wouldn't really be designers anymore (with the exception of some incredibly smart, talented, motivated unicorns that are out there).

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