• Gavin JonesGavin Jones, 6 years ago

    Running a small web-application development house

    I don't work with a deposits. Instead, the projects are broken into milestones, each one representing completion of a significant feature/task and a marker to run a feedback loop with the client/adjust the direction for the remaining functionality.

    I've found that breaking a project into two invoices of 30%/70% creates allot of pressure when securing the second larger payment....and a tendency to get trapped into constant change requests and unexpected assumptions from the client when they realise you're 'finished' and expect to be paid.

    No matter how open and engaging you are with the client, personally, I've found that when an invoice is on the table, it changes peoples perspective.

    By making invoices smaller and more regular, this fosters clients to take the feedback sessions seriously and to understand what it means when they 'sign-off'.

    Working this way adds more hassle for billings, but I'll trade that in a heartbeat to avoid the anxiety and conflicts that tend to arise when all the pressure's on the big bill at the end.

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