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    Of course not. But I think it's safe to say that we're all sick of people who have become professional victims, where all they do is complain and reinforce each others' entitlement complexes in their "safe space" echo chambers. Nobody likes to be rabidly accused of and blamed for "atrocities" that they didn't commit or have their accomplishments belittled by "privileges" that they never actually had. But, alas, to these oh-so-progressive and definitely not sexist or racist groups, if you're a straight white male, you absolutely have committed atrocities and you absolutely have benefited from "white privilege".

    I can't think of a single mainstream movement that is more blatantly hypocritical and willfully unaware than that.

    There are two sides to this, but only one gets coverage in the media. Only one is socially acceptable to understand or endorse publicly. Try to have a real, meaningful dialogue on this, or dare introduce the super duper controversial idea that perhaps trying to fix one kind of discrimination by just introducing another kind of discrimination is a bad idea, and you'll be labeled a racist misogynist whom, according to the twittersphere, apparently doesn't have the right to a living anymore. And the cowardly corporations in their perpetual fear of being labeled as an organization that isn't "inclusive", "diverse", and "progressive" (and thus losing market share from one specific vocal minority), will fire you. They don't care about these issues, but they'll play to them to save face. And that conveniently is very self-satisfying to the people putting pressure on corporations and our society, reinforcing their behavior and telling them that it is acceptable, when it absolutely isn't.

    If we ever want to make any meaningful progress in race and sex discrimination, we have to stop being so radically positioned to one side or the other. What I just said here would have never come out of my mouth two years ago, but things have heated up so much lately that I almost feel a need to go radically to the other side to help balance things out. But this doesn't help either.

    We need to have real, open, rational dialogue about this without the threat of being labeled as a bigot that doesn't deserve a job just because you introduced a perspective that one group of people doesn't feel fully comfortable with or can't understand.

    We are not invoking real change in our world right now. We're just silencing people that we don't want to hear from. People we can't understand. But these people exist and their viewpoints are legitimate. This is why you see two radically opposed (and equally unqualified) presidential candidates winning in the US right now. Fear and censorship are not the ways of progress. The far right and the far left are equally absurd, selfish, bigoted, and ignorantly positioned in their views.

    This article, for once, was balanced. And that resonates with rational people. Sadly, in today's world, this kind of rational behavior is characterized as refreshing.

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    • John LeschinskiJohn Leschinski, almost 7 years ago

      But I think it's safe to say that we're all sick of people who have become professional victims

      Not sure it's safe to say that at all. Seems to be a continually growing group.

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      NAIL on the Head

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      How is this comment only upvoted twice?!


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      Go back to reddit.

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      So an article that doesn't touch on any significant issues in the workplace and basically glosses over them is what resonates with you "rational" people? What balance was there in this article?

      Yes there is a degree of extremism in the world of social justice today. Yes there are a few professional victims and oversensitivity and prejudice against disagreement. Yes that gets on my nerves sometimes.

      Oh no! What ever will we do!? If you are so rational, you would easily ignore such things and actually have that discussion you so desperately want to have. You would realize the vast majority of people who care about social justice are not radical or extreme, and just don't make as big of a fuss therefore you don't hear about them.

      Remember that violence has been going down in America for decades, yet ask anyone who watches the news and they think it has gone up. You are falling for the same kind of misrepresentation of modern civil rights. Of course the stories of false victims and other such dramatic things are what you come across the most, it's what excites the most people, gets the most page views, and provides the most controversy. What it also does is convince you THAT is the problem and not the far greater social injustices that created such radicalism in the first place.

      Yes the far right and far left are absurd, selfish, and ignorant. SO WHAT? What is new about that? When has that ever been different?

      What do you feel is missing from the debate over this stuff? Is there not enough data? Do you simply not believe the stories people tell? Does the idea that the world you grew up in and enjoyed isn't as enjoyable for other people disturb you?

      Here I am. Someone 100% willing to have a calm and rational discussion about the topic. Sure I might be a white guy so I don't have the "insiders" view, but I am someone who cares about data more than emotions, about logic more than gut intuition, and research over preconceived notions.

      I'm gonna make a safe space for you here where you won't be bothered by the rabid SJWs at your door, so you can speak comfortably about a "balanced" view of this issue.

      Do you honestly, seriously, ACTUALLY think that being called a bigot by a tiny number of people is a larger issue than the injustices that exist in our society today? Are you that sensitive?

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