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    Under the hood :) WOW!

    name: "name", intro: !0, question: ["Hi.", "I'm Jordan Staniscia", "Might I ask what your name is?"], answers: { "default": { replies: ["That's a good name.", "Names are a funny thing", "It's one of the only decisions you don't make yourself"] }, "jordan staniscia": { replies: ["Welcome home, Jordan", "You have been enabled with Admin controls", "...", "Just kidding."] }, jordan: { replies: ["A solid name, I must say", "Computers can't lie y'know..."] }, "sarah li": { replies: ["Hey Bae", "Want to go on another trip somewhere?", "The last few trips we've taken were so much fun!"] }, sarah: { replies: ["Wow", "That's also my girlfriend's name"] }, sara: { replies: ["I'm unsure what happened to the 'H' in your name", "Perhaps it was an ingenious simplification of an unnecessary letter", "Or perhap a lazy missing one!"] }, cj: { replies: ["Sweet name", "I forsee many boats in your future", "YUMUNSIMINIOR!"] }, demi: { replies: ["Hey, Demi!", "I'm eating airhead extremes while writing this", '"sugar" is all over my keyboard'] }, "carlos|carlos solares": { replies: ["Cool name", "I bet you work from home", 'and by "work", I mean you play lots of 2k'] }, no: { replies: ["Ouch...", "Not a great way to start a conversation", "and plus...", "the NSA just told me your name"] }, "david bowie": { replies: ["Funky, funky name, man"] }, bowie: { replies: ["Let me put this in terms you may understand", "
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