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5 years ago from Jose Rodrigues, Digital Product Designer

  • stl s, 5 years ago

    All I see is big headings with fancy modern words popping up from here and there saying how innovative and revolutionary something is, how it was created solely to benefit the users and brought to life to make the world a better place for us all.

    Yes, this site's animations are cool, the colours are cool, the graphics are nice and sleek, I don't deny that overall the website is visually appealing. For me it was engaging to scroll till the end and see all the fancy movements, and all the pretty pictures, they are impressive but if you asked me what the website is about, I can't say much.

    I'm sorry, but this is an assembly line design for me.

    Every new product or idea with potential to "make the world a better place" has something unique and wrapping its uniqueness in wordings, pictures and layouts shared by half of the www won't make it stand out.

    For every new product we can sit and think how to present it in such way that it gives the user relevant concise information to read not just a bunch of marketing bla blas and engage them in such way that they don't just scroll for the show.

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    • M. AppelmanM. Appelman, 5 years ago

      Kinda agree with you. Nice looking site, but have no idea what they are selling.

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    • Cory DymondCory Dymond, 5 years ago

      I'm not sure where you got the phrase "make the world a better place" from that site, but I didn't see it or anything like it.

      I think you might be missing the fact that this is a showcase for their product and the intended target audience (IT security professionals) would understood immediately what this product is attempting to do.

      Showing off what makes it different from current solutions is the intention of the site and I think it accomplishes that task pretty well. I have next to no experience in that field and even with barely skimming through it, I understood exactly what they were marketing. Beyond that, there are definitely links to further information on the site.

      I mean, how do you expect a site that's intended to market a product to not engage in "a bunch of marketing bla blas"?

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