Site Design: iFly 50(

over 5 years ago from Jonathan Levy, Product Developer @revealparis

  • Manlo NgaiManlo Ngai, over 5 years ago

    Good stuff, really enjoy the site. The sign up form is also well-designed, all fit within that small space yet not clutter. Hi Roel, I wonder what are the code that you developed with? Javascript? I want to see I can do a similar site using Webflow, Adobe Edge or Muse?

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    • Roel van HintumRoel van Hintum, over 5 years ago

      We developed the js using Backbone/Marionette for view handling and application structure. For the animations we used TweenMax, which has nice event callbacks for animations and timelines of animations. I don't think you can build such a complex app on Webflow etc.

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