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almost 6 years ago from Nice Shoes, Art Director

  • Erik Spiekermann, almost 6 years ago

    My goodness! Didn’t think I’d ruffle so many feathers with a little comment to an article.

    I have nothing against Dribbble, I simply said that a lot of projects cannot be presented by a simple image. Many do, of course, consist of only one image. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve just had too many clients classify me and other designers as “artists” who only care about pretty colours and typefaces. And I want us to be taken seriously rather than being dismissed as mere window dressers. I love it when my peers like my work, but I love it even better when my clients do. And they certainly don’t look at Dribbble. I do, however, like Dribbble’s sense of humour: that name is very funny and shows a lot of perspective. As some of the commentators have said: it’s what people make of the platform that matters. And if some designers want to showcase their work in a single image, good for them. Just doesn’t work for the projects I’ve done all my life.

    And for all the other haters: do your homework before you presume. I have often said that designers need to code (recently in an interview here:, and my name is spelled with a k. As Mies van der Rohe said: “God is in the details”. Look at Edenspiekermann’s work and then judge whether I know what I’m talking about. BTW: type design these days involves a lot of coding.

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