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    I don't miss the previous homepage's tab system to reveal content (which was very annoying when you hit the back button from an article). But I loved how you could see backward to previous days you might have missed. They packed a TON of content above the fold that was very easy to scan and see what you might be interested in reading.Tucking the new reviews "below the fold" feels wrong. I think I may be bookmarking the "All Reviews" page and bypassing the home from the get-go. But that's just me. The reviews are what I've always been the most interested in (it's a part of my daily routine!).

    EDIT: I miss the convenient links to Amazon Digital Music (replaced by Amoeba). And I am wondering if the Track Previews is currently disconnected? Usually a few albums had 1 or two tracks to listen to in their entirety. I see the headphones icon up top. Hm...

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