140 vector devices & mockups for Sketch by Meng To(designcode.io)

almost 6 years ago from Emile-Victor Portenart, Founder, Designer @ Marker.io

  • Meng ToMeng To, almost 6 years ago

    They're absolutely for presentation purposes, specifically to app design. As you mentioned, T-shirts, prints, billboards would be the equivalent but for their respective fields (for example, t-shirt representing a t-shirt design).

    These mockups are great for showing multiple screens in a non-generic way. I believe that front-facing is the best way, but when you have to present more screens, it's good to alternate with more angles and different compositions. So these devices, along with their different shadows, device colors and compositions will help. Resulting images are often used in many places, especially today: Twitter, Facebook, Website hero images, Book cover, Dribbble image, App Store previews, Keynote presentations, etc.

    Hope this answers your question!

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