• David MDavid M, 4 years ago (edited 4 years ago )

    This is easily one of the most important topics in Design right now that often is swept under the rug bc designers' eyes tend to glaze over anything remotely related to the word "business."

    Understandable, as a lot of us do have backgrounds in fine art, visual design, marketing, etc and sometimes the ENTIRE REASON we got into this game was to simply do stuff we loved and not stuff we don't. We hear we need to code, need to go to more conferences, be more active on social media, need to blog more, more succulent plants on the desk, etc and this EASILY could tire anyone out. I understand completely, trust me. BUT (of course there's a "but") this notion of expanding our perspectives about what design is to include business goals/performance/strategy/etc is a critical one that WILL make you better at your craft in the same way that designing for systems instead of pages made you better at your craft, in the same way of mapping your designs to actual user research made you better at your craft, in the same way that taking the leap from print to digital made you better at your craft and so on and so on.

    So do it. Take the dive. And relax, the waters fine. ;)

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