Sketch 4.0 Feature Wish List

over 8 years ago from Tony Gines, Señor Designer

  • ekim oksusekim oksus, over 7 years ago

    These are very important to me: - undocking the pages and the layers palette - they are after all completely different things. also, more screen space (fireworks does this) - undocking the inspector as well - dont dissappear selection borders - if something is an active selection, then it should always have the visual indication that it's a selection - support for text wrapping an image (html does this) - better list support: currently it's very basic - a stepper for text sizes: so they can be edited like any other size/number - the ability to quantize/lock everything to 1px steps. I know that screen sizes vary, but mostly, in html, you don't position items to hundredths of a pixel. - quantize type as well (optionally) - ability to select an object behind an object (like in Fireworks)

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