• Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    Lightroom alternatives

    I don’t think there’s anything worth mentioning? It depends what you’re using Lightroom for though.

    Photoshop alternatives

    Affinity Photo, Acorn, and Pixelmator are all good. It will depend which features you use in Photoshop though. I would really struggle to use anything other than Photoshop itself. Price aside, I still think it’s the best.

    Now might be a good time to mention that Adobe has a US$9.99/mo deal for just Lightroom and Photoshop.

    InDesign alternatives

    It really depends what you’re trying to achieve. Some things may be possible in Affinity Designer or other tools. Affinity Publisher is coming. I’ve used Pages quite a bit to build PDFs, even though I have a lot of experience with InDesign. Certain tasks are better suited to other tools. But, for large print documents, it’s difficult to go past InDesign and Illustrator. They really are great. For lighter tasks, especially those not being sent to offset printing, there’s a few decent alternatives. Hey, even Markdown + HTML/CSS can be an awesome option for big PDFs.

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    • Adil Majid, almost 5 years ago

      I didn't know about the $9.99/month for Lr and Ps! That's awesome. Probably going to check that out then. Thank you Marc!

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    • Duncan RussellDuncan Russell, over 4 years ago

      I second Pages for quick and dirty PDFs. It's unexpectedly good.

      Also, if you want to animate a couple of elements in your visuals, Keynote's another handy shortcut.

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