Unapologetically Plastic, Artisinal Buns(medium.com)

almost 7 years ago from Jordan Staniscia, Designer

  • Bryan LandersBryan Landers, almost 7 years ago

    Words definitely matter. It's maybe a truism of marketing, but you might try the artisanal bun because it was presented in a compelling way, but if the burger sucks, that effective language choice only works on you once! Apple has the goods to back up their messaging, but I wonder of they go too emphatic or hyperbolic with it considering the products are so excellent - I wrote about their marketing language after seeing the new iPhones announced: https://medium.com/content-makers/2e718a84d106

    As for the 5C, after holding a friend's, I think it feels great in your hand and is fun to use with iOS 7. I'm sure the bright colors and plastic look will seem dated and overly trendy in the future, but isn't that how Apple keeps us buying new devices?

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