Desktop Neo - Rethinking the desktop interface for productivity.(

7 years ago from Kevin Suttle, Design Systems Engineering Lead at @Webflow

  • Joseph Decker, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Clear story and interesting views.

    The "look at what you want to interact with" is a very interesting experience, combined with simple gestures — it feels very intuitive.

    How ever, tagging documents/items could be troublesome — as the user needs to remember all the tags in order to benefit from the quick search and when you'll have thousands of files, having no folders will make the structure a bit overwhelming.

    The panels next to each other is cool, it shows the path that the user has taken — so it would be easier to backtrack your steps. I wonder why two panels are shown completely instead of showing the active one and "part" of the previous panel. I suppose that both panels compliment each other, and I do wonder if it's possible to complete your task using just 1 panel.

    Never the less, interesting ideas are shown in the video — and more videos/ideas like these should be published without fear for rejection — it takes us all forward, not backwards. And increasing our productivity will only support this.

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