Desktop Neo - Rethinking the desktop interface for productivity.(

7 years ago from Kevin Suttle, Design Systems Engineering Lead at @Webflow

  • Brian NBrian N, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    The whole 'swiping through panels' bit looks a lot like the way I work already: On OSX, my tendency is to full-screen all my apps, use the split-screen view for multi-tasking, and swipe between them all.

    I'd have to wonder about the notion of tracking gaze: e.g. lack of on-screen visual feedback affirming that the device accurately knows what you're 'looking at/selecting' before you ask it to do something.

    EDIT: I just noticed — six-finger gestures!?

    Goatse Gesture

    tfw when yr Fullscreen gesture is Goatse.

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