• Sherizan SheikhSherizan Sheikh, over 6 years ago

    What's your day to day like? What is the size of your startup? How big is your Design team? What kind of targets do you have as a whole? What is your product and how many verticals does your team own?

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    • Ix TechauIx Techau, over 6 years ago

      I go from task to task, and they all require different skill sets. Sometimes I spend a few hours on our print material, and then I dive into CSS animations for the rest of the day. It varies. Has been the same whether I'm at a three-man startup or a 20+ employee company, etc.

      But again, I don't understand why you believe a full-stack designer means you are working more than a specialised designer? You said full-stack means you get paid as one person to do a four-person job...but that insinuates you think a full-stack designer works four times more for the same pay.

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